Who Is AMPS America?

For over 15 years AMPS America has worked to provide linkage to the self-funded payer community of over 700+ employers and over 1.5 million employees. AMPS America is a health-care focused privately held company located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

AMPS America is positioned at the forefront of the evolving healthcare market. With the help of our investors Leavitt Partners, founded by former Governor of Utah and head of HHS Mike Leavitt, and Cimarron Healthcare Capital a leading investor in businesses, positioned at the forefront of the evolving healthcare market.

AMPS America is committed to provide linkage to their clients and the highest quality, community minded providers without worrying about “in” or “out of network” and without any fear of balance billing. With guaranteed quick payment at a fair and reasonable cost, AMPS America wants to get you out of the collection business.

Open channels of communication to members and their employers was the base of why AMPS and AMPS America started. AMPS members can go anywhere for their healthcare choices. However, AMPS America wants them to go right where they are, with providers they know and trust.